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Why SEO is important to your Online Marketing Strategy


Creating top quality content and designing a killer website is a big part of online marketing. In fact, it is the foundation on which you build your business, but it’s not enough. No matter how great your online store, service or product is, it can’t generate much income for you if no one can find it.

Internet traffic and visibility is an essential part of building up your online business and the biggest chunk of internet traffic goes through major search engines. You can focus some of your marketing on social media sites and blogs, but if you want to gain some real traffic into your site, search engines are the way to go.

Search engines are the main highways that show or guide people to where they want to go, whether it’s information, a certain service, or a product that they’re looking for, and to improve visibility for your site, you have to make sure that search engines can make sense of your content and present it more readily to your targeted audience.

How does a Search Engine work?

Search engines aim to help users find what they are looking for by processing relevant data and giving the users the fastest way, by providing links, to where they want to go. In order to do this the search engines have to map out, or crawl, through every nook and cranny of the internet and analyze the data in each site, ranking them according to relevance (is it good quality content?) and popularity (do other people find the content helpful?).

Every day, millions, or even billions, of people log into search engines and type in questions or search queries that search engines attempt to match or answer by going through their huge database of information, and a page or site can easily be lost in the millions upon millions of sites that they have in their database.

How does SEO improve traffic to the site?

SEO or search engine optimization is an aspect of internet marketing that focuses on how search engines find content and how to get your website on the top ranked search results. But a big part of SEO is also about what internet users look for, what key words are often used and which search engine the targeted market or audience frequent.

In SEO, you have to see your page or site through the eyes of your audience and through the eyes of the search engines, which are two very separate points of view. Your viewers and audience might love the flashy graphics and media content, but that’s not what the search engine sees.

The search engine weighs the relevance of your content through the text, which is actually all that it sees. You have to make sure that your site has text that the search engine can read and index so that it can bring your site closer to the people you want to reach by placing key words on your site, as well as providing good content. After all, SEO is still about great, helpful, and informative content, and not just plastering your site full of keywords.seo

Search engines have optimized how they analyse content and getting people into your site is just one part of SEO, you also need to cater to their needs and make the experience positive for those who reach your site. You have to find a way to keep your audience interested and come back again.

All in all, SEO is about making your site accessible to both people and search engines, and increasing visibility for your site. Nailing the technical aspect of web development to make them more search engine friendly is an important part of online marketing and can direct a sizable influx in traffic and visibility to your site. Once you have these basic technicalities sorted out, you can get back to making great content for your website.

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