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Choosing the right Custom Patches production company

If you are looking a cost-effective and durable way to promote your products or services and represent your organization, custom patches are your go-to option.

Companies that produce patches can create a variety of patches for every company. They can create patches of different shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. Some companies even go as far as creating patches with Swarovski crystals, neon colors, or metallic threads.

If you are thinking of using a patch to promote your business or have it sewn on your employees’ uniforms, one of the things you should be thinking is which production company to choose. There are lots of choices in the internet, so how do you choose the company that will produce the patches for you? is one supply pertaining to any patches with a huge selection of distinct variations, colors, along with attachment choices.

Here are things you need to consider in choosing the right custom patches company
1. Reputation

Whether you choose to order online or thru a physical store for your company or organization’s patches, it is both practical and wise to choose a reputable company to produce your patches. You don’t want a company that just started yesterday. In this way you can be sure of the quality of the patches that will be made for you.

patchesRegardless of the number of patches you order, choose a company that is already known for the quality of patches they create and their professionalism in dealing with customers. You don’t want to rely the production of your organizations emblem to some company that can’t even walk the talk. So before you order, you might want to check reviews about the company or ask around if the company is good enough to be entrusted with the production of your patches. Patches may be small but they represent companies and serve as insignia for bigger organizations therefore you should choose the right company carefully.

It is also important that the company uses high quality of fabric in making custom patches as well as the quality of the embroidery of the patches.

Another thing to consider is the experience of the employees in the company. It’s essential that the company have highly trained individuals and employees that have experience in graphic design to help in the design process of patches.

2. Cost

The second thing you might want to consider is the cost of the production. There are many different wholesale companies and sites online that provide high quality custom patches and excellent customer service. Make sure that the company uses state of the art equipment like computerized embroider machines in creating and producing patches. In utilizing advanced technology, mass production of quality patches is possible. And you can be sure that your patches will be delivered on time.

Additionally, some companies have minimum orders required and may have an added cost for additional colors. There are also companies that have added costs for Velcro patching options.

3. Patch Sizing and backing options

The existence of modern technology makes it easier for companies to produce patches in a short span of time. This same technology also makes it possible for the creation of other patch sizing and backing options. Choose a company that creates Iron-on patches, Velcro, button loop, and metallic. Iron-on patches are in demand today because the process is a lot easier and the production is faster. Compared to sewing, this one’s more convenient. There’s also the Velcro backing. Patches with his backing type are easy to remove and attach to a clothing.

4. Free Design and Quote

If you decide to order patches online, you will need to send a photo of the logo, existing patch, sketch or drawing to the company so they can create your patch. Some of their graphic designers might help you improve your drawing if you want it but they will just leave as it is if you opt to it that way.
When it comes to choosing a company that creates custom patches, you will want to work with a reliable company. Look for a company with a good reputation and excellent track record. You want a company that listens to you and responds quickly to your queries and needs as a customer.

Tips on Purchasing Suitable Lanyards

LayardLanyards are among the office supplies that should never be out of stock. Whether an employee is on probationary or permanent status, he is entitled to receive a lanyard to hold his ID. Even the maintenance staff and security people also wear these straps for their identification cards. Bulk buying of these straps as freebie items is done to attain corporate branding and recognition on different events. When purchasing supplies, knowing type of lanyards to be bought is essential because they always come in different designs, types, sizes and styles.

Consider the following tips mentioned below in choosing a suitable lanyard for a specific company or organization:

Select the preferred type and length.

In buying straps, a person should deal with various lanyard styles available in the market. The most common among all of the lanyard types are the round-braided and the flat-braided types. Their design is usually simple.

When a person is looking for environment friendly supplies to buy, eco-friendly type of straps are also available. These are usually made from bamboo or recycled plastics. Want to have some detachable ID badges? Purchase the OptiBraid and OptiWeave types of strap. Wanting to express support for various causes like environmental advocacy and animal rights? Awareness straps are available for purchase.

For people who consider themselves as proponents of safety, the reflective types of strap are right for them. For trendy people, creative beaded types are just around the corner together with the imitation leather types. The straps’ ideal length when worn is usually 36” while the ideal widths are 3/8” and 5/8”.

Determine the difference of breakaway to non-breakaway styles.

Lanyards are available in these two styles. The breakaway ones are typically safer to wear than the non-breakaway ones because when a strap is eventually caught on something or accidentally pulled by someone, breakaway type’s clasp opens automatically to prevent hurt on the person who is wearing it. It is advised to purchase the breakaway types if safety is considered as a big concern in workplaces. The clasps of breakaway types are ideal for use in secured facilities like detention cells and courthouses. They can also be used in educational institutions and hospitals where there are increased chances of strap grabbing intentionally done by some students and patients.

Know how a lanyard’s end part was made.

Crimping, sewing and beading are some of the finishing touches made on a strap’s end. When a strap’s end is already crimped, the next step would be choosing what’s best between using a black oxide and a nickel-plated one.

Foresee how access badges and identification cards could be attached.

The 2 simplest types of a lanyard are the hook & the split key ring. Few other available attachment types include mobile phone hooks, the swivel hooks and bulldog clips. The OptiBraid and OptiWeave types, as stated above, generally have their own cool options for attachment hooks.

LayardsOther considerations should be kept in mind when making strap purchases especially if it involves customization. Aside from the colors, the graphic designs and texts should also be considered. A person can also choose to print lanyard designs through the process of silkscreen or dye sub imprinting.

If OptiBraid type of lanyards is chosen, a person must pick between diamonds and round sliders. Lastly, the lanyard’s price would always matter but don’t just settle from having quantity over quality. Purchasing straps with the best quality and affordable price mean that they will not be replaced soon.

When all of these points are kept in mind, purchasing suitable straps to suit a company, organization or particular lifestyle will become easier. It’s nice to be wise especially if the company’s name is at stake.

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Rubber Bracelets and Their Sizes

When there is a need for one to wear a bracelet, there are times when wearing an expensive one is not applicable. Nowadays, getting some rubber bracelets is a fashionable but inexpensive alternative than using a bracelet and it can be customized to suit any person who will be wearing it.


You can use rubber bracelets for a number of reasons. Being trendy with using different types of designs is a big advantage of wearing this kind of bracelet. It is also safe and hypoallergenic to prevent any issues regarding those who may be allergic to certain materials that would touch their skin.

These bracelets are also used as a promotional item when a new product or service is to be introduced. Supermarkets and manufacturers usually give away these bracelets which bear different brands and product names so that shoppers can easily identify the new item that is being sold.

There are also some special events which give away these bracelets; they would then bear the name of the event and it acts like a souvenir for that event. One of the most popular ways that this is used is when politicians give these away during their campaign rallies and these bracelets would bear their name and their campaign colors which can be worn by supporters to show their number to the running candidate.

These rubber bracelets are sometimes made from a weather-proof material called silicone. These are synthetic materials which are made of the combination of rubber and plastic. Some bracelets would come in different sizes and thickness and can be available in different colors. Since they can be stretched, these can be worn by almost anyone, but getting the right wrist size of a person is still needed for a more comfortable fit.

Bracelets like these can be customized easily and customizing them can also include changing the size of the band itself. Getting the correct band size is easy enough by visiting the website of known customized rubber bracelet makers and then download a sizing guide. Although the band size can then fit the wrist of the person after it is customized, it is still not advisable to order a bracelet with a perfect fit band; it is best to get a size that will properly fit the hand of the person first.

There are different sizing of such bracelets:

  • Toddler Size

There are rare cases when some customized bracelet makers would make a size that can fit a baby or toddler. These bracelets would sometimes have the name of the baby so they can be identified quickly. These bracelets are made to be hypoallergenic so that they are completely safe for the infant to wear and even bite into.

  • Child Size

When a bracelet is identified to be a “child size,” this is usually at a size of 6 inches. This would fit perfectly for a child aged four to seven years old. This can bear different designs and can also have the child’s name and basic information about him or her.

  • Youth Size

This would have an average size of seven inches and these can be considered as the “small size bracelet.”

  • Medium Size


This is one of the most common sizes that can be seen and can go up to 7.5 inches if the circumference is measured.

  • Adult Size

Commonly called the large size by some bracelet makers, this size can go up to eight inches if the circumference is measured. This is the next common size that bracelets come out with.

  • Extra Large Size

The largest bracelet size possible, its circumference can go up to nine inches.

  • Custom Sizing

Getting a customized bracelet can even go as far as having the size of it made-to-order. Some examples where this is applied is when rubber bracelets are used as an ankle bracelet and it needs to fit through the foot for it to be worn. These will go beyond the nine inch size that the Extra Large has to offer, and some had even gone up to 15 inches in circumference.