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Planning for the Right Design for your Lanyards

The design can make your lanyards work for you or break your purpose for having them. It is prudent to select the most appropriate and suitable design for your purpose, organization, or business. There are several people who regard your lanyard as something that represents your company or organization. Your design should be able to send a message or information regarding the things you want to impart to the receiver. The design should be able to convey your good intentions to your target clients, members, or audience. It should somehow give accurate information about the things that the people could expect from you.

Conceptualizing the Suitable Design

LayardsIf you own a company, then it is only right to include your company logo or insignia to the design of your lanyard with some colorful additions (provided it is appropriate for the kind of business you have) to make it more attractive. A lanyard with the right combination of design elements can help attract target clients or audience.

It is important to choose the right color combinations for your lanyards. A good color combination can effectively draw attention, including the audience that you wish to attract. The right combination of colors can also make the lanyard more appealing and gorgeous.

You also need to consider the material to use in creating your lanyard as well as the purpose. If you want your lanyard to be used to carry a drinking bottle, then make sure that it will be able to support the weight of the water bottle that the user intends to carry.

You can also opt to have a separate batch of lanyard with a bit different design that aims to attract a particular type of group. The design, although a bit different from the usual, should still convey the things that your group, organization, or company upholds and promotes. Providing a lanyard design, that is a bit different, for each target group is one of the most effective ways of utilizing the full potential of your lanyard.

Keep in mind that when creating a design, make sure that it has something to do with the things that you offer. Don’t give false impression on your target audience or clients just to attract their attention. They will eventually accuse you of false advertisement and, to make matters worse, refuse to do business with you or get associated with your organization.

Design Ideas and Inspirations

It is not easy to design something that could really attract the target clients or audience. Most of the time, your creativity seems to drift away from you just when you need it most.

You can go to places that closely resemble the things that you offer, and you might just find the ideal design that you need for your lanyards. There are times when a little peace and quiet can help unleash your dormant creativity.

There are times when looking at a breathtaking scenery can spark an inspiration for your design. Taking a short walk can also help. You might need to travel and observe things along the way.

You can listen to your favorite music to ease your mind, and hopefully give you some inspiration as well. You can try reciting your favorite poem or verse and see if you will find something that you can use as a design for your lanyard.
Observing people in your company, clients and employees, might also help you come up with a good design. Looking at the spot where your business stands, and its surroundings might give you an idea for the most suitable design to make.

You can use things (that have something to do with your company and the things you offer) that people see everyday, and create a design that will make people remember your business whenever they see that particular thing. People will remember the design on your lanyard, and eventually your business, whenever they see the inspiration that you used in creating your design.

Remember that lanyards that have good design are difficult to forget and let go.

Tips on Purchasing Suitable Lanyards

LayardLanyards are among the office supplies that should never be out of stock. Whether an employee is on probationary or permanent status, he is entitled to receive a lanyard to hold his ID. Even the maintenance staff and security people also wear these straps for their identification cards. Bulk buying of these straps as freebie items is done to attain corporate branding and recognition on different events. When purchasing supplies, knowing type of lanyards to be bought is essential because they always come in different designs, types, sizes and styles.

Consider the following tips mentioned below in choosing a suitable lanyard for a specific company or organization:

Select the preferred type and length.

In buying straps, a person should deal with various lanyard styles available in the market. The most common among all of the lanyard types are the round-braided and the flat-braided types. Their design is usually simple.

When a person is looking for environment friendly supplies to buy, eco-friendly type of straps are also available. These are usually made from bamboo or recycled plastics. Want to have some detachable ID badges? Purchase the OptiBraid and OptiWeave types of strap. Wanting to express support for various causes like environmental advocacy and animal rights? Awareness straps are available for purchase.

For people who consider themselves as proponents of safety, the reflective types of strap are right for them. For trendy people, creative beaded types are just around the corner together with the imitation leather types. The straps’ ideal length when worn is usually 36” while the ideal widths are 3/8” and 5/8”.

Determine the difference of breakaway to non-breakaway styles.

Lanyards are available in these two styles. The breakaway ones are typically safer to wear than the non-breakaway ones because when a strap is eventually caught on something or accidentally pulled by someone, breakaway type’s clasp opens automatically to prevent hurt on the person who is wearing it. It is advised to purchase the breakaway types if safety is considered as a big concern in workplaces. The clasps of breakaway types are ideal for use in secured facilities like detention cells and courthouses. They can also be used in educational institutions and hospitals where there are increased chances of strap grabbing intentionally done by some students and patients.

Know how a lanyard’s end part was made.

Crimping, sewing and beading are some of the finishing touches made on a strap’s end. When a strap’s end is already crimped, the next step would be choosing what’s best between using a black oxide and a nickel-plated one.

Foresee how access badges and identification cards could be attached.

The 2 simplest types of a lanyard are the hook & the split key ring. Few other available attachment types include mobile phone hooks, the swivel hooks and bulldog clips. The OptiBraid and OptiWeave types, as stated above, generally have their own cool options for attachment hooks.

LayardsOther considerations should be kept in mind when making strap purchases especially if it involves customization. Aside from the colors, the graphic designs and texts should also be considered. A person can also choose to print lanyard designs through the process of silkscreen or dye sub imprinting.

If OptiBraid type of lanyards is chosen, a person must pick between diamonds and round sliders. Lastly, the lanyard’s price would always matter but don’t just settle from having quantity over quality. Purchasing straps with the best quality and affordable price mean that they will not be replaced soon.

When all of these points are kept in mind, purchasing suitable straps to suit a company, organization or particular lifestyle will become easier. It’s nice to be wise especially if the company’s name is at stake.

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