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Keep Your Golf Clubs at Their Best Quality with Several Maintenance Tips

Countless experienced golfers will say that dents and scratches are only common on golf clubs. They consider them as signs of clubs’ value because the more scratches they have, the more times they have been used for playing.

Nevertheless, you may have found the prized club you want to keep for a long time. If you’re a first time golfer, you may have dreamed of treasuring your first golf set with the right maintenance. Keep your clubs protected with the following tips:

Clean clubs regularly

Cross-ClubsRegular cleaning is always the first part of proper maintenance procedure for any product, which is also applicable for golf clubs.

Clubs receive significant amount of abuse due to the soil, moisture and sand they get in contact with while you play. While dents are common, they have the tendency to accumulate rust when left unmanaged. Cleaning will prevent corrosion and keep your club working at its best.

If you’ll notice, many players have towels handy in their golf bags while golfing. Their goal is to clean their clubs as soon as the game is over as first line of defense from rust and accumulated dirt that may affect club’s performance and feel.

On-site cleaning is a common practice, but maintenance doesn’t end there. Many players still clean their clubs upon arriving home to ensure their equipment is in perfect shape and ready for the next game.

Replace grips

Players hold golf grips in using their clubs. Players feel that grips connect their arms to the club, ensuring smooth swing as if the equipment is a part of their body. Hence, loose grips may only cause them to lose the usual feel of their clubs that make them comfortable in swinging and hitting the golf ball.

Continuous use will loosen golf grips after some time. To maintain the club’s feel, it’s recommended to replace golf grips once a year to retain exceptional performance at all times.

Polish shafts

One of the good things about shafts is they are generally durable. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from special maintenance procedures. Polish the chrome finish using special wax to keep the shafts’ brand new appeal. Many players spend time to polish their golf clubs regularly to retain their original appeal.

Use club head covers

GolfDents and scratches obtained from playing are deemed insignificant in terms of affecting a club’s performance upon getting in contact with the golf ball. The ground is soft and turfs serve as shock absorber that prevents clubs from sustaining too much damage. Nevertheless, dents and scratches obtained from golf clubs hitting each other while being transported can affect the angle produced upon hitting. This is where club head covers will come in handy.

Club head covers are made from soft materials and will serve as first line of defense inside the golf bag. They will prevent friction produced by club heads getting in contact with each other. Instead of scratching the club, covers will absorb the shock and protect the clubs.

Choose the right bags

Bags are meant for transporting clubs whether they are being carried inside the golf course. Nonetheless, there are some instances when clubs need extra protection due to harsh transportation mode or in preventing damages from falls. For transporting clubs during long travels, a luggage-type golf bag is the best fit. They have top covers and with extra cushion that will protect clubs even if they will be checked in inside airplanes.

Overall, protecting your golf clubs only require regular maintenance and investing on various protecting gears. Choose the best gears that will suit your needs and ensure you’ll keep your club for a long time.